Wednesday, May 21, 2014


May 21, 2014

Because we have been eating out quite often I have become more aware of the differences between good and bad, distinguishable and blah.  I would rather write about good and recommended those than the forgettable.  The bundle of features that makes an eating out experience special  has not changed over the years and are the BASICS. 

New restaurants are sprouting up much faster that the tulips during our no spring season and I do hope that the essentials of the BASICS will be tattooed on whatever space is left on the bodies of the new wave operators and cooking staff.
1. Arrival, sign working, clean windows and sidewalk.
2. Immediate greeting.
3. Positive first impression, buzz in the room, general orderliness.
4. Seating choices.
5. Menu presentation, clean, crisp, easy to read, amble choices even if a speciality house.
6. Sparkling bar, bottles & glassware.
7. Glass of wine, choices & not overpriced.
8. Personnel sharp and clean even if some of today's wild ones.
9. Music not overbearing, we do like to talk to each other and our company without yelling.
10. Service prompt & thoughtful, taken & delivered as ordered, condiments at hand.
11. Sharing policy no problem; (we are at an age where we don't eat copious amounts of food so appreciate sharing the entree & even the appetizer & dessert, please forgive us!).
12. Neat presentation, nothing hidden under the main course;(is it still in to pile it on?). Presented as advertised. Fair portions, realistic. Hot food or cold as advertised. Are hot plates an impossibility?  Taste and quality as expected & assumed.
13. Availability of  bread, butter or oil; give me a choice.
14. A few made in house products, whether baked of bread & rolls or bread sticks, always fresh! Desserts, simple and not always Dufflet!
15. Table visit from the head person, or Host, Owner, Manager, Supervisor.
16. Payment prompt and thorough.
17. Server vigilant but non intrusive.

I will look forward to comment, deletions and additions.  Of course not all restaurants have the same style of concept that demands this type of detail but is it really that much different for a Hamburger or Breakfast Only Operation when it comes to cleanliness, keen staff, value, & customer care?

I recommend ZEE GRILL & OYSTER BAR - 641 MOUNT PLEASANT ROAD, after 32 years he really has it working well.


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