Friday, April 11, 2014

April 11,2014

Tonight there is a special about restaurants not performing in accordance with best practices in sanitation, cleanliness, CBc,  Most mentioned are the chains. Our industry is a major target when it comes to media attention (negative that is). We are constantly being watched.  You as an operator are under a microscope.  An exposure like this hurts us all.
But that is not the only reason to operate under a culture of "Best Practices." A clean, sanitized, and orderly store is more profitable, a better place to work and simply more attractive to your customers.

I was an original subscriber when they first started to publish and then stopped as I was too busy and it was expensive. Knowing too much is a fallacy, you never can stop learning so I renewed my subscription and relationship with this great publication. Check it out: 

On Sunday we had dinner with some friends and a young Korean student was part of the group. She is in Toronto to learn English and finish her degree in Accounting and then move to Alberta for her internship.  In the meantime she has a  part time job working weekends in a Korean restaurant as a waitress, she is paid $7.00 per hour and she gives 50% of her tips to the Owner Manager. Is this right?  

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